1. How were the Panel members chosen?


The Panel members were selected to meet the following needs of the Panel:


  • The need to deal with a broad spectrum of questions through a variety of professional backgrounds. Most of the 9/11 professional organizations are represented on the Panel;
  • The need for credibility through familiarity with specific issues, including relevant credentials and an active background in the 9/11 truth community;
  • The need for clarity in written and spoken communication;
  • The need for respectfulness and civility in dealings with the media, the public, and other Panel members.


2. How were the Consensus Points selected?


  • For the first round of Points, the organizers selected physical evidence that they judged to be visible, measurable, and widely considered to be incompatible with the official account.   Consensus of 90% to 100% was reached on 13 points.
  • The Delphi method was used to evaluate the proposed points, using several rounds of survey, feedback, and refinement, in which the expert respondents were blind to one another.
  • For the second round, the organizers will draft Points that include submissions by the Panel members, following an invitation to them to do so.

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