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The 9/11 Consensus is pleased to welcome Judge Ferdinando Imposimato as an Honorary member:

Consensus Panel PhotoMr. Ferdinando Imposimato is the Honorary President of the Italian Supreme Court and a former Italian senior investigative judge. He presided over several terrorism-related cases, including the kidnapping and assassination of President Aldo Moro and the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II. He was also a legal consultant to the United Nations. He has stated publicly that 9/11 was a false flag operation, recommending that it be tried at the International Criminal Court, which was set up to protect the world from criminal acts of war. He has also written the books, “The Big Lie,” “International Terrorism,” “The Republic of Unpunished Tragedies,” and “The 55 Days That Changed Italy,” about the Aldo Moro case.

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